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Torrie Dillion

Torrie has been a designer at heart from the young age of seven. Though its only been in the last 10 years that she has really been able to bring her exquisite design skills to the marketplace. Having grown up working in her Fathers commercial Well-Drilling a GeoThermal Company, she has been directly involved in small business most of her life. Torrie has a very unique quality of being able to juggle more roles and responsibilities than many of the top CEO’s - she is an incredibly loving Mother of 3 highly active daughters, all spanning a total of 9 years apart. Torrie is the lead designer and in-house project manager for 550FAST as well as the Director of Operations for the Company. And if that is not enough, She is the World Class wife of Craig Dillion, CEO. All-in-all Torrie is the one who really runs the show!