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Cordis Foster

Cordis Foster
REALTOR®, SPN, SFR, Managing Broker

Cordis was born and raised in southern California until age 9 and then his family moved to Georgia where he spent his most formative years until entering the US Air Force Academy, graduating in 1995. He met his wife while completing the Academy and they began their family life immediately after graduation. Family ties and a love of this region have brought Cordis and his family to settle in Colorado Springs on a permanent basis. Cordis and his wife have been blessed with 4 wonderful children, ranging in age from 22 to 10 years old.

Professionally, Cordis has been a licensed real estate agent since 2005. His degree from USAFA is in Civil Engineering and has spent the lion share of his professional career in the fields of construction and community/land development, complemented with real estate as well. He has successfully managed the design and construction of many and varied types of projects throughout the contiguous United States, with an aggregate value of $400MM altogether. Through the process of construction and land development, Cordis recognized the natural fit to stretch his skill sets and further his professional talents into the area of becoming a licensed real estate agent. Since gaining his license, Cordis has worked in serving clients in both the residential and commercial fields of real estate. Cordis specializes in consulting and representing both commercial and residential clients through the process of buying and/or selling properties, helping investors to analyze options and strategies, as well as serving and guiding property Owners through the management and administration of leasing their properties. Cordis also assists commercial tenants in locating and negotiating leased space to support their business needs. In his spare time, he enjoys playing golf, experiencing the great outdoors, having fun with and spending precious time together as a family, and taking in a good football game.

There are words of inspiration in our languages such as honor, integrity, service, truth, loyalty, dignity, respect, honesty, excellence, and justice; each one of which when witnessed in action shows us a person of the highest character. These precepts are the very tenets by which Cordis endeavors to conduct business and serve his clients, collectively serving as the core objectives by which he is always striving to provide a “win” solution on every transaction!